As an online payment processing company, YapStone’s foremost objective is to process payments while employing the industry’s highest security standards to protect the information of both our partners and their customers. To maintain the highest level of security possible, we continually put our systems and our teams to the test. In collaboration with external partners and internal teams, we conduct continuous security testing of our infrastructure and applications as well as undergo rigorous annual audits. We have also developed a rich suite of security features for our online payment processing platform.

Industry-Leading Fraud Deterrence and Detection

We leverage sophisticated internal monitoring tools and algorithms in collaboration with industry-leading 3rd party fraud prevention software to protect our partners from fraud. In addition, the fraud experts on our Trust and Safety team vigilantly monitor system-wide activity to mitigate risks and gain valuable insight in user behavior or payments industry trends. Our security operations team reviews operational intelligence from a variety of sources ensuring that we are aware and ahead of potential threats.

Military-Grade Encryption

YapStone encrypts credit card and debit card data in its systems and from end to end when processing payments. We only utilize encryption technologies approved as strong cryptography by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and strive to exceed minimum requirements. We rigorously monitor and manage access to transactional data. Our security experts regularly perform both internal and external testing of our online payment processing platform to ensure we continue to meet the highest security standards set forth by the industry.

Secure Development Life Cycle Processes and Training & Level One PCI Compliant

Yapstone is committed to producing highly secure and reliable applications. Our engineering teams utilize development methodologies and tools that ensure only the highest quality secure code makes it into our applications. We also require our engineers to attend secure development training classes at least annually.

YapStone is Level One PCI Compliant, the highest information security standard level set forth in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

  • Strict background testing for all employees and contractors
  • Regular security scans, audits and testing by external firms and internal experts