The perfect
payment processing
platform for your business.

With systems that adapt to your technology and features that align with your business, YapStone powers payments for businesses both large and small. We’ve refined our payment processing platform to serve the needs of a very diverse set of partners, including global online marketplaces, property management companies, vacation rental companies, faith-based organizations and non-profits. Our unique combination of payments experience and industry depth enables us to deliver an unprecedented level of integration and customization for your business.

Delivering convenience
for your business

Highly Flexible Platform

The YapStone platform is designed to address your unique business requirements. By offering the scale to enable payments, our partners have the ability to verify individuals or businesses and then process recurring or one-time payments in multiple channels – online, mobile, by phone and in-person. We had to make it flexible to serve a diverse community of clients – and you can benefit from it next.

Made for the Marketplace

Our platform was built for marketplaces with the goal to offer a safe environment to exchange value. Imagine having a partner with a checkout experience that gives you the ability to payout to multiple accounts and determine which line items are payable now versus a later date. With our event-driven API, YapStone’s platform offers differentiated value for online marketplaces unique use cases.

Large Industry Expertise

We don’t just power payments in the markets we serve – we are also experts in everything that influences payments. For the apartment rental market, YapStone offers software integrations that pre-populate a different line item, like a utility payment, with the rent, and the option to have recurring payments with variable amounts – all through an elegant checkout experience. For the vacation rental market, we make it flexible to process one or more transactions and offer an easy interface to return security deposits to guests. Instead of a one-size-fits-all client services team, we organize our high touch account management and customer service around the markets they serve.