Because we deliver online and mobile payment solutions, our partners can remain focused on what they do best – growing their business.

Led $50mm Investment
in 2011
Named “Next Billion Dollar Startup” (2016) and “Most Promising Company” (2015)
One of America's Fastest Growing Private Companies for 10th Consecutive Year
Powering Global Marketplaces
Since 2010

Powering payments.

With 17 years of expertise bringing electronic payments to new markets, YapStone’s sophisticated processing platform powers payments for global marketplaces and large vertical markets, including apartment rentals, vacation rentals, homeowners associations, hospitality and non-profit. By staying fully immersed in the complexities of electronic payments, the YapStone team is able to deliver a platform that offers the convenience and flexibility that companies and consumers demand. With over $15 Billion in payment volume annually, we are well on our way to changing how the world pays.

Paper checks are enemy #1.

YapStone powers payments for industries still dominated by the paper check. What do we have against the paper check, you say? Well, plenty. We realized a long time ago that the manual processing of paper checks is slowing down commerce, eating away at productivity and actually reducing the bottom line of our partners. By offering a robust electronic payment processing platform, we are saying goodbye to the paper check and our partners are saying hello to more profits.

We make payments happen.

Convenience is what's good
for you, not us.

We believe in building mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. To make that a reality, we must do one thing and do it well: deliver convenience and fantastic service to you and your customers.  We go out of our way to learn everything we need to know about your specific business needs to develop a scalable, feature-rich payment platform to drive it.